Virtuality Experience 2020

Our first event 100% online

In december 2020, due to the Covid-19 crisis, we had to innovate and we have organize our 4th edition of Virtuality Paris, online.

Innovation facing the Covid-19 crisis

Our first event in the metaverse

With our partner Teemew (Manzalab), we have copied virtually the place where the event should have take place in real life. 50 exhibitors and +3.000 visitors joined their virtual booth for two days.

Virtual booths to engage business

With three different styles, three different sizes. Some booth were totally personalized like Orange or Microsoft. Business rooms, virtual screen to display information and to animate workshops.

Many keynotes and pitches

In the digital version of our auditorium, pitches sessions moderated by leading experts, competition organized with international companies and producers, debates and keynotes. 5.000 guests joined us during these sessions.

Business meetings online

We tried to offer to our visitors and exhibitors the same quality of service as in real life. And of course, meetings are so much important, more than 200 business meetings and +8.000 connections between participants.

Exhibitors during the Virtuality Experience 2020

Speakers during Virtuality Experience 2020

Amelia Kallman


Amy Peck


Founder & CEO

Andy Fidel

Spatial Network Evangelist

Anna Jelezovskaia

Researcher and XR Design Ethicist

Elizabeth Baron

Unity Technologies

Enterprise Solutions Executive

Mariana Brecht

ARVORE Immersive Experiences

Narrative designer

Dagnija Lejiņa

Digital Freedom Festival

Cofounder and CEO

Melanie de Riberolles


New Business Director

Mathieu Ducrot


Director Product Marketing, 5G & XR services

Hart Woolery

2020CV Inc


Jason Lovell


Head of Strategy, VR/AR

Jeff Sebrechts



Lance G. Powell Jr

Bahcesehir University

VR Researcher

Marco DeMiroz

The Venture Reality Fund

Co-founder and General Partner

Othman Chiheb


Product Marketing Lead | Mixed Reality - HoloLens

Marion Carré

Ask Mona

Co-Founder and CEO

Morgan Bouchet


Innovation Director & Head of XR

Anastasia Pash

Globetrotter VR

Founder and CEO

Lucas Rizzotto

Mad scientist

Philippe Boulanger

Global Keynote Speaker

Petri Rajahalme

Nordic XR Startups

Managing Director

Antony Pinto


Senior Solutions Architect for Professional Visualization

Isabelle Rabier

Jolimoi and Dermance

Founder & CEO

Robert Scoble


Author of four books on technology — latest on Spatial Computing (AR/VR/AI)