Paris edition 2018

A success confirmation

Discover talks, speakers and the technology present at the Parisian show which took place from Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th February 2018.


High patronage from M. Emmanuel Macron

The President of the French Republic, M. Emmanuel Macron, honored us by placing Virtuality Paris under his High Patronage, a big gesture to prove the interest of France in VR/AR.

A ministerial visit: M. Mounir Mahjoubi

The Secretary of State for the First Minister, in charge of Digital Developement, visited Virtuality Paris in order to meet VR/AR creators and get a better grasp of the industry.

E-Sport with the French FPS "After-H"

In avant-premiere SmartVR studio released the game After-H. All our visitors gathered around their booth to test this VR FPS game and witness our E-sport grand finale.

Game Village with MindOut

Virtuality associated with the Parisian VR Arcade, MindOut, but also Ubisoft and MSI, in order to make our visitors discover the potential of VR in a Village on the theme of gaming.

The best of Virtuality Paris 2018

More than 150 exhibitors and partners in 2018

Speakers during Virtuality Paris 2018

David Kujas

Accenture Interactive

Director of content and audience offers

Kristin Gutekunst

United Nations

Executive Producer

Florent Pelissier


HoloLens & Windows Mixed Reality Product Marketing Manager

Dr. Thomas Gregory

Avicenne Hospital

Chief of Department of orthopaedic surgery

Bertrand Cizeau

BNP Paribas

Head of company engagement / Head of group communications

Marina Boriello

Prisma Media

Immersive Media manager

Olivier Godest


CEO and Founder

Morgan Bouchet


Digital Content Director and Head of VR

Barbara Oberč


Consultant in policy and research

Julien Brun

Virtuality Buenos Aires

Latin America Director

Jean Mariotte

SmartVR Studio


Ana Serrano

Canadian Film Centre

Chief Digital Officer

Edita Bezegová


Innovation and new technologies consultant

Antoine Cardon

DV Group

Innovation Director

Marie Jourdren

DV Group

Creative Director

Bahman Ajang

Ajang Consulting

Cognitive psychologist

Valérie Senghor



Stéphane Bordas



Sarah Kinga Smith

Reverse Studios


Mathieu Flaig

Hub Institute

Consulting and training Director

Alan Snrech


Windows Category Manager

Victor Agulhon



Philippe Lewicki



Florian Couret

BNP Paribas real estate

Manager of Digital Innovation

Diego Losa



Laurent Bazin

Gengiskhan Production

Creative Director

Florian Pons

Jungle VR


Nathalie Duboz

France Télévisions

Grand reporter - News media lab

Jérôme Idelon


Product owner

Alexis Gonnet


Sales Manager

Samuel Huber



Serge Tisseron

University Paris VII

Psychiatrist, member of the French Academy of Technologies

Sophia de Séguin


Project Manager

Gaspard Giroud



Joséphine Derobe

3d artist

Thomas Klein



Fanny Levy

Pitié Salpétrière


Sophie Goupil

Les Poissons Volants


Deborah Papiernik


Senior VP New Business

Jonathan Richer


Artist engineer

Thomas Boggini


Lab Manager

Antoine Bezborodko

Asobo studio

Producer & Game designer

Sergey Kartintsev

The Psycho


Dmitriy Dudarev

The Psycho


Want to be a part of Virtuality?

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, a sponsor, a Virtuality organizer in your country… or if you are interested in being involved with the Virtuality community in any way feel free to ask us for more information.

Talks 2018

  • [EN] Europe as a global virtual reality front-runner (Ecorys, Nam.R)

  • [EN] Fuel your dreams : distribute digitally expand traditionnaly (Sarah Kinga Smith)

  • [EN] Inevitable: how immersive technologies and AI will change marketing (Advir)

  • [EN] The psycho technology: an illustration of VR development in Russia (The Psycho, Escape Token)

  • [EN] How the United Nations is using VR for impact

  • [EN] What should matter to VR: immersive media and the public sphere (Ana Serrano)

  • [EN] A VR platform based on real life geography (Garou)

  • [FR] 360° report, a format to refresh journalism (France Télévisions, Targo)

  • [FR] Virtual reality : challenges for surgery (Dr. Thomas Gregory)

  • [FR] Mixed Reality with Microsoft HoloLens: feedback on concrete cases and projects (Microsoft)

  • [FR] New tools & processes to create successful user experiences in mixed reality (AfterNow)

  • [FR] Theatre, cinema, video games - The new VR paradigms of 2018 (DVgroup)

  • [FR] The use of immersive technologies at the bank (BNP Paribas)

  • [FR] Perspectives for immersive content and telecommunications (Orange)

  • [FR] How training in VR is revolutionising health & safety at work (Jungle VR)

  • [FR] Immersive medias, the future of traditional medias? (Prisma Media, SnapPress)

  • [FR] Augmented reality: no app required (Blippar)

  • [FR] The status of immersive experiences in Africa in 2018 (Digital Mania Studios)

  • [FR] To understand the world, or to replace it (Serge Tisseron)

  • [FR] Argentina and the LATAM region, a high potential emerging market (Virtuality Buenos Aires)

  • [FR] Mixed reality learning project for children with autism (Actimage)

  • [FR] Mixed reality: the future of companies is already here (Asobo Studios)

  • [FR] Bringing virtual reality to the next level with videogames (Ubisoft)

  • [FR] Monetizing VR content in location-based entertainment in 2018 (Backlight)

  • [FR] Océanopolis : a VR multi-users experience (bcom)

  • [FR] The use of VR to treat phobias (Fanny Levy)

  • [FR] Deframed: a physical and mental journey in master paintings (Les Poissons Volants)

  • [FR] VR / AR: its impact, effect and ethical questions (Bahman Ajang)

  • [FR] 2018, the year of democratization for MR (Microsoft)

  • [FR] eSport VR, the future of gaming (SmartVR Studio)

  • [FR] How extended reality will shape the future of ecommerce (Accenture)

  • [FR] From sound to VR narration (Gengiskhan Production)

  • [FR] Avant Première - Passage - Short movie in mixed reality (Theoriz)

  • [FR] Opening keynote - Focus on the VR/AR market

  • [FR] Retrouvez le final de la première compétition eSport VR avec le FPS "After H" !

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