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This website uses cookies. When you consult our website, cookies are installed in your device. The following information is meant to help you understand how cookies work and find the tools that allow you to manage them.


What’s a cookie?

The use of cookies online is pretty common. A cookie is a small text document containing information, it will be stored in the hard drive of the device you are using to access our site, thanks to the browser you are using to consult the website. It is transmitted by the server of a website to your browser. The cookie allows its sender to identify the terminal in which he is stored during the validity period of the related cookie. A cookie does not allow the sender to identify the physical person.


Why do we use cookies on the website?


The site uses 3 categories of cookies:


1. Functional cookies
These cookies are not essential for browsing but they allow us to optimize the functioning of our website and offer a fluid and customized browsing experience.


2. Web analytics cookies
These cookies gather information about the way visitors use a website. For example, the number of visits, the most visited pages… Ce cookie collects the IP address of the visitor in order to identify the city from which he is browsing. The IP address is immediately anonymized after use. The Editor cannot use this IP address to find the physical person. The obtained statistics are not given to any third parties for other purposes.


3. Sharing cookies (social networks)
The website contains sharing links towards Facebook, Twitter and other similar social networks, which allows you to share content from the website with other people. Once you use these share buttons, a third cookie is installed. If the user is connected to the social network when browsing out website, the sharing buttons will link the consulted content to the user’s account.


4. Advertising cookies
These cookies collect information concerning your browsing habits with the purpose to propose personalized ads that match your interests. They also allow to limit the number of times you will see the same ad, and helps us evaluate the efficacy of our ad campaigns. In general, they are installed by ad networks with the authorization of the operator of the website. They memorize visits made on a website and shares this information with other enterprises (for example, with advertisers). These advertising cookies are linked to the advances features of the website, and provided by the partner company.


The information is collected and shared with third parties to offer a detailed targeting and optimization solutions for the advertisers and editors. No personal data is collected and the physical person cannot be identified through this data.


How to manage your cookies?

Different options are available for users to manage their cookies. However, we would like to precise that any setup made by the user can alter online browsing and the access conditions to certain services needing the use of cookies.

The user can choose to express and modify its wishes at any moment concerning cookies, through the following means:


1. Your browser’s settings:
For Chrome:

For FireFox:
For Opera:


2. The opt-out links for webanalytics cookies


3. Sharing cookies


More information about cookies

For more information about cookies, please visit the CNIL’s website: