#Virtuality2018 – 9 new french and worldwide speakers for our talks !

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Meet the speakers for Virtuality 2018‘s talks and join us from 8th to 10th of february in Paris, le CENTQUATRE-PARIS ! Others names were announced before Christmas.


Psychiatrist and hospital practitioner at the adult psychiatry service in Pitié Salpétrière in Paris, where there is a long tradition of virtual reality, under the auspices of Pr Jouvent. It’s been a few years since she started practicing therapy through virtual reality when it comes to dealing with phobias.

During her functions as Head of clinic Assistant, she obtained a research master’s degree on this matter. This work, in collaboration with the CNRS, has given place to some scientific publications. More about her talk

Virtuality 2018 - Talks


As a cognitive psychologist and technophile specialised in the cognitive, emotional and attentional process at stake for users of immersive technologies such as Virtual reality and Augmented reality Bahman Ajang has a research master’s degree from the Institut de Psychologie-Paris 5-René Descartes University in psychology and from the Ecole normale supérieure of Paris in cognitive sciences. Bahman also conducted a doctoral research project at Telecom ParisTech on the theme ‘sense of presence in virtual environments’.

He is a true believer in and a public speaker on the possibilities offered by VR and AR, particularly VR Evangelist at EDF, the main French electricity provider. He believes that the scientific monitoring and the rigorous study of the impact and influence of a specific digital environment, with appropriate technical assistance like the Elicitation Interview, as well as a balanced and regulated use of these new media are critical issue for both consumers and digital environment designers.  Given the power of these technologies, ethical issues have to be raised in order to better anticipate the futurMore about his talk

Virtuality 2018 - Talks


As Senior VP New Business, Deborah is in charge of exploring new opportunities and perspectives for Ubisoft, developing its expertise beyond the scope of videogames and bringing its IPs to new audiences. Forging partnerships and delving into new technologies, her teams bring Ubisoft’s worlds to Live entertainment, VR attractions, open innovation projects and more. More about her talk


Virtuality 2018 - Talks


Samuel is an ex Formula1 engineer turned adtech and gaming entrepreneur. Foreseeing the explosion of immersive technologies, early 2017 he set up Advir, the first adtech platform aimed at VR and AR. He has been invited to speak around the world about this upcoming trend, how to monetize this new attention economy, and how we can create a better experience for everyone. Before Advir, Samuel co-founded gamification company Kout, working with the largest brands in the world, sold a small game studio, and established Betify, a social gaming app which failed spectacularly. He is an alumni from Cranfield Uni, Uppsala Uni and EPF LausanneMore about his talk

Virtuality 2018 - Talks


Gaspard Giroud, born in France, graduated from architecture school in Paris, received a Fulbright scholarship and earned Master of Science from Columbia University. After working as an architect and CG artist in New York, he co-founded a creative studio that grew into 4 branches: Piranha, a creative agency, Public Square, a branding agency for real estate, November Yankee, an aerial filming division and GAROU a VR startup. Gaspard directed two films to announce the rebirth of the World Trade Center, which received praise in the press and were compared to Avatar and Inception. Gaspard is also a helicopter pilot and can be often found perched in the New York Sky. More about his talk

Virtuality 2018 - Talks


Live performance and stage director, Laurent is a former resident of the French Academy in Rome, Italy. He joined Gengiskhan as Creative Director in 2015 in order to develop a writing style specific to immersive fiction. His first VR experience, The Cliffs of V. is on tour at the moment and will be at La Gaîté Lyrique, February 9-10-11, 2018. More about his talk

Virtuality 2018 - Talks


A member of Ina GRM (Musical Research Group), Diego is a composer whose electroacoustic work has toured internationally. As a sound designer in octophony, he took part in the development of the latest Spaces plug-ins for GRM Tool Spaces. He created the sound pieces for The Cliffs of V. More about his talk

Virtuality 2018 - Talks


After obtaining her masters on French Literature and Compared Literature in the Université de Nanterre and Management in engineering of interactive digital communications in the Ecole des Gobelins in Paris, Marina Borriello starts her career as a broadcasting journalist in 2008. She works for the largest french medias before she left to Switzerland where she took charge of the digital transformation of the group Media One.

After she returned to Paris, where she joined Prisma Media and where she founded and now directs Prisma XR and Prisma XR Lab, a cell entirely dedicated to the research of innovative formats and the conception of new immersive products. More about her talk


After studying business with a specialization in “entrepreneurship” and a world tour of more than a year in solo, Jérôme, on his return, quickly specialized in augmented reality. After having developed several digital start-ups and creating several (localized mail app…) , he has been recruited at the end of 2016 at the SnapPress company as Product Owner and sales Manager. After one year development, SnapPress is a team of 10 people and more than 300 customers. Their customers insert contents in augmented reality into their print (press, packaging, catalogs, …) via their solutions. SnapPress is also launching the first augmented reality community via their mobile application. More about his talk

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