Discover the highlights of #Virtuality2018

Only a few weeks away before the start of the second edition of Virtuality (reservations here) in the CENTQUATRE-PARIS. We are pleased to give you more details about the programme of these 3 days dedicated to immersive technology!


Accenture will be once again the official sponsor of our conference room made of 400 seats, where you can discover a revised version of our scenography and new french and internationals participants.

Speaking of sponsors, we have new names we would like to share (and keep posted for new ones pretty soon):

Our premium partners:

BNP ParibasOrangeAccentureMicrosoft France

But also!

L’ADN ARTE Cap Digital CENTQUATRE-PARIS – Coca Cola European Partners

ETR – Forum des Images GICAT GoGlasses Maddyness Keynote

Mairie de Paris Pôle Média Grand Paris – PRIMI

Rockstar Paris Techfugees UNICEFUsbek & Rica VR/AR Association

To make the best out of the experience (from within!) for this second edition, Virtuality and the french magazine l’ADN joined forces to launch an ephemeral streaming service on their websites and social networks. A TV studio will be installed in the Show to give you full access during these 3 days to documentaries, interviews, debates, and conference debriefs.

Follow Vituality-TV live on social networks and our websites from February 8th to the 10th, 2018.


On the speaker’s side, some names have been announced in the beginning of this month (link).

The complete programme will be soon unveiled with some exciting surprises, but we can start by announcing some of the subjects that will be addressed during the 3 days of the Show:

  • Immersive journalism

  • The creation process of augmented reality projects

  • VR and live shows, new shapes of content

  • The use of HoloLens for professionals

  • Identity and virtual reality

  • The place of immersive technologies in South America, their potential and development

  • HoloLens for company

  • Immersive technologies at the service of ONG’s

  • Ethical questions in link with virtual reality

  • Escape games and VR

  • V-Sport

  • And also, the place of Gaming and technologic development

On the exhibitor’s side, the list grows day after day but we can start confirming the participation of some companies:

BNP Paribas will present many AR and VR innovations in an area of 36sqm.

Microsoft and its large ecosystem of partners will make you discover Mixed Reality with HoloLens and their new headset MR Microsoft. RDV in the former small conference room, transformed in a new exhibition area.

Smart VR will make you discover their newest VR creation, with a great V-sport surprise that we will reveal at the beginning of next year.

Bear will make you discover a new Show under a new perspective with useful experiences at your service during the Show.

The FHF Funds will be animating the « Healthcare village » where the heart of the matter will be the virtual education of healthcare professionals.

Jin will introduce all of its new VR education tool for commercial pro.

And some of the other confirmed exhibitors: Timescope, 104 Factory et leurs start-ups VR/AR, Odoxo, V-Cult et Taktus, Infinite Square, Immersiv, Saytoutcom, Ricoh, Takoma, Realyz, Unicef, Actimage, Strate, Carré Digital, Hervé, Jungle VR, MindOut, Novelab, Small Studio, Orange, Small Dots, Art Graphique et Patrimoine, Digital Immersion, VirtualiSurg, Reality Agency, Enliven 3D,, Garou, Human Eyes Technologies, Owze Games, Nexter ou encore l’école d’Arts de Zurich.

More information coming up soon!

©XXII/UNICEF – Antoine Gagnaire – #suivezmailka


Virtuality takes foreign companies in account and dedicated an entire area to invite start-ups from all over the world. A dozen start-ups will be attended for this Village. If you would like to apply, don’t hesitate to fill up this form on our website!

More information on this subject coming up soon!


Innovation usually comes from young enterprises: which is why we chose to set up a new ‘’Start-up village’’ to discover the pearls of tomorrow and ease the access to the exhibition area for young enterprises with limited funds.

Plaine Images (a cluster dedicated to digital images and the creative industry in Lille) will make you catch up with a great selection of the best start-ups.

More information about this subject in this article.

Virtuality 2018


Video games are a subject dear to our hearts. Representing the cutting edge of innovation in terms of virtual reality for the general public, video games deserved a dedicated area during Virtuality.

After joining forces with the Parisian arcade Mindout, Virtuality will be able to provide you with a ‘’Video game village’’, equipped with around 8 VR terminals.

Planned for this area we have: multi-player VR video games and a selection of games to understand the different possibilities available thanks to these new formats.

More information on this Village coming up soon!


After the success the healthcare village had in out first edition: immersive technologies have been developed in the area of health and medical care, and France it’s part of the most developed countries in the sector.

We are particularly happy to continue our partnership with the FHF Funds, whose mission is to promote innovation for public hospitals.

More information on this coming up soon!

Virtuality FHF


Only for 150 euros with taxes until the end of the year!

(Up to 240 euros with taxes after 2018)

General public and student tickets are also available (valid for Saturday only)

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