#Virtuality2018 – Firsts speakers for our second edition in Paris

Less than 3 months now before the doors open again at Virtuality, and talked about it here (in french). Here below are the first names of speakers, french and international, who you will meet at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS between 8th and 10th of february. 

Virtuality 2018 - Speakers

Ana Serrano (CFC Media lab)

Ana Serrano is the Chief Digital Officer of the Canadian Film Centre and Founder of CFC Media Lab, the world-renowned institute for interactive storytelling created in 1997. Serrano is driving the digital transformation of the CFC into a unique blend of talent, product and company accelerator and creative production house. Most recently, she launched Canada’s first digital entertainment accelerator IDEABOOST and serves as its Managing Director. To date, Serrano has directed the development of over 130 digital media projects, mentored over 50 start-ups, and has received numerous awards from the digital media, film, and theatre industries in both Canada and the U.S., including a Digital Media Trailblazing Award in 2015 from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. About her talk

Virtuality 2018 - Speakers

Sarah Kinga Smith (Reverse Engineering Studios)

Sarah Kinga Smith is the founder of Reverse Engineering Studios ( “RES” ), a talent management and production company for digital and traditional media. Prior to her engagement at RES, she was managing director of London then later US based film funds, overseeing projects from companies like Universal Pictures, Lionsgate and Europacorp. She executive produced commercially successful pictures (“Lone Survivor”, “2 Guns”, “November Man”) and worked with critically acclaimed directors & producers of companies, like Sony, Annapurna, Ridley Scott Associates and Digital Domain.

In 2014 taking a break from film finance, she returned to creative development and joined a talent management company as Head of the International Literary Talent Department. She worked with clients at HBO, Vuguru, Amazon and MakerStudios. Digital companies brought new formats and access to new platforms, pushing creators to adopt new ways of story telling by merging traditional business models of Film & TV with fast paced digital environment.

To discover new media formats, in 2015 with her producing partner Micke Hjorth (Chairman of the Board at Starbreeze Studios) she produced a live action immersive VR experience (“Cockatoo Spritz”), which was premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2016. Since she had showcased immersive and interactive content at International and US festivals, including TIFF, Dubai Film festival, Brussel Media Summit, Beijing Film Festival and EFM in Berlin. With a global perspective, as a cross collateralized content creator, Reverse Engineering Studios (RES) was founded to support creatives, to manage IP development across platforms and to utilize technology in suitable media formats including VR & AR. In 2017 RES in collaboration with Eddie Lou (CEO of Sandbox VR & Sandman Studios) co-founded Pitch Virtual, an online content studio to support great stories and storytellers in creation, communication and collaboration. About her talk

Virtuality 2018 - Speakers

Serge Tisseron (Académie des Technologies)

Serge Tisseron is a psychiatrist, member of the French Academy of Technologies, doctor of psychology authorized to conduct research in clinical humanities, and associate researcher at the University of Paris VII – Denis Diderot.

He is the author of some forty books, more than half of which deal with the relationships we have with images and the technologies that produce them. His work has been translated in twelve languages. In 2013, he received an award in Washington from the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) for his work on youths and screens.

Co-author of the French Academy of Sciences’ position paper « The child and the screens » (2013). Author of: « Virtual, my love » (Albin Michel); « 3-6-9-12, taming the screens and growing up » (éres) « The day my robot will love me: towards artificial empathy » (Albin Michel). About his talk

Virtuality 2018 - Speakers

Thomas Klein & Sophia de Séguin (Hol’Autism)

Hol’Autism – Mixed Reality Learning Project for Children with Autism

Thomas Klein is a Business Unit Director at Actimage. He leads the digital transformation for the company’s partners, showing them the different possibilities of reinventing themselves through a more digital approach, then accompanying them in their evolution. Thomas enjoys sharing his passion for digital with others, and often attends universities as a speaker. Actimage’s Hol’Autism project implements the company’s expertise, and fits perfectly with its vision: technology must benefit everyone, especially those with special needs. About their talk

Virtuality 2018 - Speakers

Sophia de Séguin has been in charge of the project since May 2017. She joined in after an experience in institutional communication and six years as Deputy Director in private superior education. Prior to that, Sophia studied computer science and human sciences. She is in charge of coordinating the actors of the hospital services and research, communication and fundraising. About their talk

Hol’Autism – Mixed Reality Learning Project for Children with Autism

In France, 160,000 children suffer from autism spectrum disorders. Only 25% of them follow a “classical” schooling. The goal of the Hol’Autisme project, led by Actimage, is to promote, through mixed reality and in a controlled and secure environment, the acquisition of social skills for children with autism. Our goal is to help improve their integration into school and society.

We are proposing applications with social scenarios and environments in mixed reality, a prototype of mixed reality glasses, an interface of control and follow-up. We are collaborating with research laboratories and hospitals to develop this solution. Hol’Autisme is laureate of the French IOT 2017 contest and sponsored by Microsoft France.

Virtuality 2018 - Speakers

Thomas Boggini (b<>com)

For the past seven years, Thomas has been working in R&D on 3D and virtual reality at Bell Labs, University of Geneva, IRISA, b<>com, etc.

His passion goes back much further than that, however. In fact, it all started with a promise made when he was just a boy playing on a ZX Spectrum console. It continued with the creation of his first video games in the Nineties, and led to his current position of responsibility at the Interactions Immersives laboratory at b<>com. Through it all, he has held on to his ambition to produce pleasure and redefine reality. Every day. About his talk

Virtuality 2018 - Speakers

Julien Brun (Virtuality Buenos Aires)

Preview of Virtuality Buenos Aires : join us in june for our first LATAM edition !

Now based in Argentina, Julien worked closely with the french crew on the first Paris edition of Virtuality in 2017. He will present our next step : a new rendez-vous in Buenos Aires, 8th – 10th of June ! About his talk

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